Sometimes shorter is better

Three novellas


WHERE'S THE PARTY? ( Kindle e-book reader edition @ $1.99 per download)
Author: Carmen Anthony Fiore
Explores underlying professional and personal conflicts in education and the growing liberal trend in the mores of the modern educational landscape during a fast-paced three-day convention spree with a seaside vacation setting as the main backdrop. We follow the trails of Yale Marcs and Ben Barber, two young teachers, and their hijinks at a teachers convention, involving too much alcohol and hook-ups with female teachers. When they get involved with an older teacher, Walter Henderson, who has a grudge against his principal, it brings down their house of fun and games to the cold reality of life, since bad choices usually spawn negative results. 


A RESTLESS SPRING ( Kindle e-book reader edition @ $1.99 per download)
Author: Carmen Anthony Fiore
A young wife wants to "spread her wings" in a stifling marriage to a content older man (ten years her senior), who see no need to expand their marital horizons after six years and the rather quick births of three children over a five-year span. And the responsibilities to care and raise them seem to be her domain entirely. He's more into his hobbies. She's into art and literature; he's strictly blue collar. She's "tied down" with their three preschoolage children and is a stay-at-home mom in her early twenties. Their compatibility factor is nearing a breaking point. The boring daily routine of their marriage is getting to her. They are on a collision course of cross purposes in values and attitudes, dreams and desires; something's gotta give--and soon.


MIXED DOUBLES ( Kindle e-book reader edition @ $1.99 per download)
Author: Carmen Anthony Fiore
Off-court escapades outshine on-court tennis play with sex, partying, attempted murder, drug trafficking and the dead body of one of the female players, which make for full-blown chaos at the plush southern resort's first mixed doubles tournament and the victim's brother and his girlfriend, both players in the tournament, team up to beat the local-yokel "gendarmes" in solving the murder case. But not before Tim and Mel learn some surprising and upsetting facts concerning the victim and the other tournament people involved, while rediscovering "new" revelations about their "real" feelings toward each other. The tennis setting and hijinks come from the author's playing interests and research, interviewing pro-tour players who were "real" characters and didn't mind revealing the sordid inside "dirt" that sully the supposed purity of the game.