Advice based on reality

Three How-to/Self-help titles


GETTING WHAT YOU WANT FROM DIFFICULT PEOPLE: self-help with a bent sense of humor
Author: Carmen Anthony Fiore
ASIN: B005CKIBWM ( Kindle e-book reader edition @ $2.99 per download)
Schmoozing, diplomacy, tact, manners, courtesy--are all necessary cousin components of the art of socializing (sucking up witout kissing butt), and making it pay (and not neccessarily monetarily) with some degree of success as to career, love life, family, social, public, private. There's something for everybody in this book, whether school age, mature, or anywhere in between. The text covers most of the phases of life that we face as we push for success, which should not be measured only in dollars. Just getting through life unscarred psychologically and unscathed physically are valid measurements of success. The tools for proper schmoozing, as presented in this book, will help the reader in just about every aspect of living, if he or she applies them with deft subtlety, the key to sucking-up-without-kissing-butt acumen in any social situation.


HOW TO BE EMBARRASSMENT PROOF: self-help to the rescue 
Author: Carmen Anthony Fiore
ASIN: B005D7V8QU ( Kindle e-book reader edition @ $2.99 per download)
When was the last time you committed a social gaffe, and it caused you to become beet-red in the face with humiliating embarrassment? You would rather not remember? So would most of us, because we've all traveled the faux pas route. How can we become embarrassment proof? It takes daily focus and application in every situation, unless we're hermits--of sorts--which most of us aren't. We have to be alert to our people environment wherever we are and to whoever is oposite us in conversation or in public address. We have to weigh the impact of the words that we want to speak to those sharing the room, the hall, and/or our space at that precise moment in time. Sports figures, celebrities and politicians are always having to apologize publicly for "unintended public misstatements" that denigrated individuals or groups. When we get the old proverbial foot stuck in our mouths for saying something stupid that was better left unsaid, is when we embarrass ourselves. It pays to think first of negative repercussions before we speak or act. It'll result in less humiliation and embarrassment, and we won't have to eat "crow" or make "nice" with a quick apology to assuage the offended. It's what "Proof" is all about; premptive defense before our offense screws up. 


NOBODY LOVES ME LIKE I DO: self-defense for the arrogantly challenged versus the terminally conceited
Author: Carmen Anthony Fiore
ASIN: B005EHRVB0 ( Kindle e-book reader edition @ $2.99 per download)

There's a social war going on daily between the nonconceited majority versus the conceited minority, who are actually at an advantage with their higher self-esteem and confidence levels (mostly unwarranted), since they think they're the greatest. And you won't have to ask them. They'll tell you they are verbally or silently with their body language. The conceited among us are finally under the microscope in this deceptively serious work with its humorous overtones, undertones and experimental formats. Its intent? Help the nonconceited to cope with the highly overconfident, arrogant conceited. I didn't know it, but growing up subject to a domineering older brother who fit the conceited elitiest snob mold to a tee, I was doing early research for this book. And it continued into adulthood, dealing with one snob after another. Writing this book turned a negative into a positive for me and could do the same for its readers as they learn how to handle the toxic people in their lives.