Tony Avanti, Private-Eye Series


Novels and Novellas

AVARICE CAN BE DEADLY, novel (ASIN: B006QG7N5M), @ $2.99 per download
Tony Avanti accepts an assignment to locate a missing wife from a lawyer who is acting as an intermediary for an anonymous client. The lawyer is handling the matter for an 
out-of-town relative. It's an embarrassment, since the traveling lover-companion to the missing wife is a cousin to the cuckolded husband--a monumental show of disrespect
all-around. Tony is to locate the pair only, with no contact whatsover. The identities of the cuckolded husband in Arizona and the interested relative in Trenton, NJ are never revealed to Tony--on purpose. But Tony's no dummy, sensing they're "connected." And we all know, that alone can lead to trouble; and Tony ends up having to prove his innocense, when he inadvertently becomes the "patsy" for a crime he didn't commit. 
THE DREAM LADY, novel (ASIN: B006SMKVXA), @ $2.99 per download
"I want you to find my murderer," Marcella Bellino informs Tony Avanti, presenting him with his most bizarre case yet. She suspects her five stepchildren (all adults). She's convinced they want her dead--her dreams tell her so. Tony needs the income, so he starts the investigation by interviewing the children, one at a time, and when he goes back to report to Marcella, he finds her dead, lying on her kitchen floor with a knife stuck in her back. Having promised Marcella he would pursue the case, if she's murdered while
still investigating (informing him her lawyer would take care of the compensation matter), he can't go back on his word. So the real investigation begins, for Marcella's sake.
It's back to "square one," so to speak, but for Tony, failure is not an option. He WILL not stop digging for clues to get the guilty person, which turns out to be one hell of a merry
chase with lots of expended energy, for a guy with a gimpy leg and one good eye.
TILL DEATH DO US PART, novel (ASIN: B007139TG0), @ $2/99 per download
What originally was supposed to be a routine surveillance and videotaping assignment to get documentation on a dallying husband for a divorce-seeking wife, which Tony does
in three short days and nights, it ends up a murder case the second time around for him. The victim is the husband and the wife becomes the prime suspect and Tony's client
again. His new aim is to extricate her from the looming charges. His investigation takes him into a world of sleaze and slime, while discovering an adult/child porography ring in a bucolic setting north of his Trenton, NJ hometown. And before he's done, he's fighting for survival as well as saving his client from going to jai and busting up the illicit video operation.
ITALIAN INTERLUDE, novel (ASIN: B0073GQMOM), @ $2.99 per download
Even when Tony goes on a European vacation with his parents and his lady friend to ancestral Italy, which is fine, until they visit the hill town where his grandparents  came from, that all hell brakes loose, They get involved in a family feud and a rescue of a daugher who has run away with one of the members of an "enemy" family in the small
town, heading for the Naples area. Tony and his father inadvertently make enemies of the same family. And it's all downhill after that for fun times on vacation. Tony and his relatives become part of a "soap opera" with guns and a yet another rescue, with a resulting fight to the finish. The body count grows as well as the body injuries on both sides. It's an Italian version of the American Hatfields & McCoys feud. The results aren't always pretty. But, once again, failure is not an option for Tony.
SPORTS CAN BE LETHAL, novella (ASIN: B006VEZ518), @ $1.99 per download
Tony has to find and lead to safety a runaway college kid. The young man's parents are worried sick over his disappearance. What adds to the problem, which Tony soon finds out soon enough, the kid is running from the mob. He didn't do what he was supposed to do in the last basketball game of the season: shave points so a certain big-time "connected" gambler can make a big score. And when Tony starts his investigation with the college's basketball coach, funny things start to happen to him, like people who want to do him bodily harm and want to impede his finding the kid. They would prefer to find the runaway jock and settle the matter violently themselves. Not with Tony on the case. Let the games begin, is Tony's mantra.
THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP, novella (ASIN: B006YDMNKW), @ $1.99 per download
Always a sucker for kids, being a father of two children living with his ex-wife in Florida, and missing his kids like crazy, he lets an old friend (Dom) talk him into helping to rescue Dom's daughter, Carla. Only one small problem: she doesn't need rescuing--legally, that is--since Carla is living with her mother, Millie, Dom's ex-wife, and the stepfather, Harley Dragon. Another small problem: Dom is presently unemployed. Payday for Tony will be in the future--the far distant future. Next problem: the occult. Next problem: they have to follow the targeted daughter as she's taken up to the Pocono Mountains for a "family" vacatio with others of the strange "persuasion." Now Tony really shines in showing his ingenuity, getting the task at hand not only under control and solved, but aiding and abetting an illegal rescue. Tony's a one-man seal team hit squad, since he's the head "seal."