Camilla Swenson, Amateur Sleuth Series


First novel in series

Camilla Swenson is a social caseworker on a crusade to even the playing field of life--and
death--for a murdered client/friend, Kim Long, who was on Camilla's caseload. Camilla and
her male live-in playwright companion, Hatchley "Hatch" Flambeau, discover Kim's body in
the dead woman's apartment and the story is off and running. The investigation leads them 
to unforeseen places and into meeting unexpected people who have surprising and sometimes
evil connections to the case, some helping, some retarding Camilla and Hatch's probes, which
keeps them from accomplishing their stated goal--justice. But why the crusade? Kim has been
murdered around the same time that a local socialite, whose ancestry goes all the way back
to a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and who was a close friend of the city's mayor,
"buys it" with torture/rape/murder. Her case gets top priority. Kim's is put on the back burner.
Camilla takes up the mantel for her friend with the help of Hatch and Lt. Kelly of the city's
police force. This mystery-suspense thriller, with erotic overtones, has a final twist when the
"girls" find themselves in an emergency situation and have to rescue the "guys."

A Case in Principle is available as an Amazon Kindle e-book
from the Kindle e-book reader store @ $2.99 per download


AND BABY MAKES THREE is the second installment to the Camilla Swenson amateur-sleuth series that is now available from the Kindle e-book reader store @ $2.99 per download. (ASIN: B0081KQ1LI). Once again Camilla Swenson ventures deeply into another of her special crusades for one of her welfare clients. Jackie Graham is missing and was last seen leaving her apartment with a man carrying her infant son, Cooper. Camilla backtracks to find out the why, the where, and the who. The story is off and running when Camilla gets a phone call from Jackie for help. She's being held by the man she left the apartment with and he wants to give up their child to an illegal adoption ring to get money to pay his gambling debts. The race is on to save Jackie and her son Cooper. The only hitch is that Jackie doesn't know where she's being held a prisoner, of sorts, but she did see some road signs before it got too dark to read any others on the hour-long ride to their out-of-town destination. The clues are enough for Camilla to begin the rescue attempt with help from her live-in lover Hatchley "Hatch" Gerard Flambeau III. And they won't stop in their efforts until it's mission accomplished.

 CAMILLA'S DILEMMA is the third and last title in the Camilla Swenson amateur sleuth series. Camilla has to get tough and go to extreme lengths to save a teenage delinquent from ruining her young life; then she has to ward off an angry stalker from her past who wants to kill her. She wants to go on living to marry her live-in lover after they move to his hometown, New Orleans, where she will also venture into a new career as an educator. But first she has to turn predator, with the help of the man in her life, Hatchley Gerard Flambeau III, and attack the stalker and make him become the cowering prey. And if violence is needed, so be it, since she's up to it with the help of her handgun, Mr. Glock. (ASIN: B01796KBRE $2.99)